Hello World ūüí•

My name is Eden.

You’ll find me front row of a Skeggs concert, slaving away in front of the warm glow of an Apple Mac or praying for my 3D work to finish rendering.

I have a passion for all things design and arts with strong skills across the Adobe Suite, html/css/js and Autodesk Maya. This passion has led to receiving an award for Fostering Creativity from Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate, as well as multiple First In Class awards (for web, graphic design, branding and advertising.) 

I have been a writer/photographer for Blank GC since 2015, held a residency as an artist at the Walls Art Space on the Gold Coast and was selected by Converse to join their All Stars Creative team. 

I’m a law and arts (advertising/multimedia design) student – but please don’t hire me for your personal injury enquiries, and see what I can do for you instead ->¬†

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